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Root Dudes - Concept Design for Global Game Jam Project

Last weekend I was involved on this year's Global Game Jam. This time, the theme was 'Roots', so we thought... vegetables have roots, so why don't we do a party game about farmers?!

Root Dudes has 4 minigames, each game is played as BO3 (best of three) so maybe you will need to play a couple times to see all minigames!

This time I took care of the art direction, so I had to create some concept designs for the playable character, as well as some of the props to help the team to create everything in harmony.

After this, I took care of the lighting and some VFX that you can see on the next post :D

If you want to try our little game, you can do it here:

Álvaro Díaz Dueñas - Game Designer & Programmer
@Alvaro_did |

Ranjith Sebastián Sánchez Mahagamage - Programmer, 3D & VFX Artist

José Luis Ruiz García - 3D & Texturing Artist & QA
@JLruizg_3D |

Alberto López Rico - Concept & Texturing Artist

Carlos Oliva Ruiz de León - 3D & Texturing Artist

Music by: Naxo Lara Romero | Music Composer | @naxo.lara | @scifiensemble